West Coast Vibes - Long Road Home

If your from the Eyre Peninsula your probably very well versed with the saying “The West Coast is the Best Coast”.

It’s something our family says a lot.

So this collaboration was something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time.

Ecowud has once again partnered with Ella Boylan Art to bring you West Coast Vibes.

It showcases just some of what makes my home, Eyre Peninsula an amazing place to live. Sun, Surf, Sea and Outback. Not to forget the people that make this place home.


The scents have been chosen which just typically make me think of home, from the citrus smell of mandarin and mimosa, the saltiness of Driftwood and the earthiness of Bergamot and Banksia, rounding out with the sweetness of Watermelon. What more could your summer months need.

Perfect for your own home of a gift for someone else’s  


This range comes in two sizes

Medium 180gm

XL 400gm