Cass Foster knows a candle isn’t just a candle. It is a captured moment, a treasured memory or one yet to be made. Illuminating darkened nights, dancing in tribute, backlighting conversations between friends or lovers, adding vibrance to quiet rooms or ambience to a dinner party – it’s always a good time to have a candle lighting up your home.

Also, they just bloody smell good, which is why Cass filled her own home with them – and decided to start making candles when her fascination turned into an expensively growing collection.

EcoWud crafts candles that are designed to be the centrepiece of the home. The hand poured soy candles are a labour of love, created with unique scent combinations wrapping a lead-free wick and kept in quality glassware chosen for its reusability. You might repurpose your beautiful jar as a vase or small planter pot, or simply bring it back for a refill of your favourite scent.

Based on the Eyre Peninsula, you might find Cass at the local markets up and down the coast, or her candles within the boutiques of neighbouring towns. How will you know which ones are hers? Because not only are her candles fabulous, but Cass also collaborates with amazing artists, carefully selecting stunning contemporary landscapes and abstract portraits to perfectly complement her dynamic candles and sumptuous body products – turning them into attention demanding talking pieces and creating a full sensory experience.

Whether you’re a fellow candle lover, or looking for the ideal gift for your girlfriend/sister in law/teacher or the fussy friend who has everything, you will find it here at EcoWud, with many different scents and art collectable candles to choose from.

Happy shopping fellow candle addicts, enjoy your candlelight moments, and remember, to always burn safely.