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My name is Cass Foster, I'm the owner and creator of this little Biz.

It all began with my fascination of all things Candles, i can still remember my very first Favourite (Lychee Flower). After the craze turned to an expensive collection something had to change.

So all things logical pointed me in the direction of creating my own. With one foot in front of the other and with one candle created then the next, so began the journey that is EcoWud.

Our candles are created with a mix of Soy blend wax, amazing fragrance oils, lead free wicks and quality containers. 

All of our soy candles are individually hand-poured making each one unique. We offer refills and only buy containers that can be reused/recycled, keeping them as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

Enjoy your candles and remember to light and burn safely.

Cass xx

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