The Zodiacs - Ella Boylan Art X EcoWud

So few people admit to belief in astrology, but I am yet to meet anyone who doesn’t know their star sign.
~ P.K. Shaw

Ella Boylan Art perfectly captures the personalities of each of the members of the astrological family in her 2020 release, 'The Zodiacs'. From the passionate and exuberant fire signs, the logical and grounded earth signs, to the emotional and creative water signs and intellectual curiosity of the air signs; Ella's exceptional contemporary pieces have captured the imagination of a wide audience, each of which having seen a little part of themselves in the painting that represents their zodiac being.

Now, appreciators of art and astrology can pay homage to both in their home, with an Ella Boylan 'The Zodiacs' X EcoWud candle. Whether you are the philosopher Pisces, the artistic Taurus, or the exploring Aquarius, they make a stylish piece for your home, or the perfect birthday gift – even for the ‘non-believers’ amongst us.

450gm candle with approx burn time of 80hrs.