Summer Series Limited Edition - Sunset Shades

There is something magical about a summer sunset. The sky looks like it has been painted with the warmth of the day, reflected in an ocean of glass filling your world with colour. As the sun beings to sink seemingly as though it is dipping into the ocean itself, you're grateful to be relieved from the heat, but at the same time not wanting another perfect summers day to come to an end. 

Take one final dive into the ocean under a sky coloured with Sunset Shades, then bring that feeling home with you, immortalised in a candle created as part of the limited edition “The Salty Summer Series”. This joint collaboration has come to life thanks to some amazing creatives; Lily Sampson Photography X Visual Collective X EcoWud Candles.

Together, we have chosen our favourite summer fragrances to compliment this series and carry the joy of summer well past the seasons' end;

- - Coconut Lime & Elderflower - - Tuscan Vineyard - - Peach Sorbet - - Watermelon - -

 450gm candle - approx burn time of 80hrs.

Approx burn time of 80hrs.