Summer Series Limited Edition - West Coast Wave

There's a point on the Lincoln Highway, an invisible but distinct line, that once you cross it, you will have the power to quickly identify the locals from the travellers. It could be just an unconscious raise of a pointer finger, or the enthusiastic flutter of the hand on the wheel - but no matter the variation of the silent signal, it always speaks volumes. You're on the West Coast - the best coast - and you're one of us. Welcome.

 The West Coast Wave has now been immortalised in a candle, created as part of the limited edition “The Salty Summer Series”. This joint collaboration has come to life thanks to some amazing creatives; Lily Sampson Photography X Visual Collective X EcoWud Candles.


Together, we have chosen our favourite summer fragrances to compliment this series; 

- - Coconut Lime & Elderflower - - Tuscan Vineyard - - Peach Sorbet - - Watermelon - -

 450gm candle - approx burn time of 80hrs.

Which one will you bring home to keep summer going all year long?