Summer Series X Lily Sampson Photography - Surfs Up

Frosty Hesson said 'if you're having a bad day, catch a wave.' There aren't many bad days to be had in summer, but there sure are a lot chances to catch a wave on our brilliant coast. This Salty Summer Series candle celebrates summer waves, brought to life thanks to the collaboration of some amazing creatives; Lily Sampson Photography X Visual Collective X EcoWud Candles.

Bring the salty skin, sunny skies and soothing sounds of ocean waves into your home with the Surfs Up candle. We can't all read the surf, balance precariously on a floating piece of fibreglass, or make paddling through the waves look effortless- but we can all appreciate the power and thrill of the ocean, and the utter excitement that must come with being able to shout - 'Hey! Surfs Up!'

We have chosen our favourite summer fragrances to compliment this Series.

- - Coconut Lime & Elderflower - - Tuscan Vineyard - - Peach Sorbet - - Watermelon - -

 450gm candle - approx burn time of 80hrs.