SOL’ - Dune Reed Diffuser

Sol is the sun at dawn, at dusk and all the golden moments in between.
The blissful summer sunshine and the gentle embrace of the winter sun.

This collection draws on those sensations, bringing vintage vibes, colours and textures together. Unlock the warmth of the sun in your home and relax in the comforting glow of the Sol Collection.. 

Carefully curated scents that Ecowud is known for;

Kakadu Plum: a robust fruity fragrance, note of passionfruit guava and melon with fresh lime and a base of coconut. 
Japanese Honeysuckle: one of the most loved floral scents, with notes of mandarin, pine needles, paired with grapes neroli on a base of vanilla, jasmine and cedar wood. 
Pomegranate: a strong scent of freshly sliced pomegranate paired with mandarin, lemon, lily of the valley and sandalwood. 
Lychee + Black Tea: a delicate fragrance consisting of black tea leaves infused with the sweetness of lychee fruit. 
Tropical Coconut: a fruity combination of papaya, mango, lime and watermelon combined with coconut. 
Vanilla Orchid + Sea Salt: a smooth vanilla fragrance slightly sweetened by sea salt, orange flower, white orchid and jasmine petal. 

Reed diffusers provide on even and long lasting scent, as the reeds absorb the fragrance oils and dispense throughout the room. 
Uncap the bottle and place reeds into the oil, flip the reeds to get a good coating of oil. You can adjust the number of reeds to control the intensity but remember to flip reeds every few days. 
Ensuring to immediately clean up any spills to prevent damage to any surfaces. 
Life approx 4-6months.