Summer Series X Lily Sampson Photography - Endless Summer

It's a climbing heat, rising in tandem with the feeling of sweet freedom. Packing swimming bags and shades, and putting a pause on responsibilities. It's sandy floors of campers, shared platters of juicy fruits, living in bathers, and making friends scooting around the caravan park. Fervent and fleeting romances across the ages, in the real world or the written form devoured on a deck chair in the shade. It's the sound of cricket commentary as you drift off to nap under the aircon, or the literal bounce in your step as you track along the hot sand to the cool, salty ocean. It's packing long days full to the brim, with every thing and every one we love. And though we know one day soon the routine will return, the sun won't grace us as often, and the week day catchups will run out - for now, we live in this moment of effervescent joy, and dream it could last forever. 

Endless sun. Endless fun. Endless Summer. 


My longing for my favourite time of the year has been captured in a candle, created as part of the limited edition “The Salty Summer Series”. This joint collaboration has come to life thanks to some amazing creatives; Lily Sampson Photography X Visual Collective X EcoWud Candles.

Enjoy choosing from our favourite summer fragrances, carefully selected to compliment this Series.

- - Coconut Lime & Elderflower - - Tuscan Vineyard - - Peach Sorbet - - Watermelon - -

 450gm candle - approx burn time of 80hrs.