Artistic Collection - Red Bellas

Rewind back to a time of sweet innocence; to days of riding bikes to your favourite meeting place and spending the afternoon swapping secrets in the shade with your best friend. Worry free, wholehearted, all smiles and mischievous eyes twinkling with ideas, sticky with the leftovers of shared rainbow sweets and full of plans for ‘when I grow up’.

The apple, orange and raspberry infused Red Bellas candle is guaranteed to reignite your youthful spark and keep you dreaming of simpler and sweeter times. The fruity combination is embraced by the Ella Boylan Art ‘Red Bellas’ gracing the reusable glassware; an evocative portrait with eyes telling stories of the adventures had and the plans of what’s to come. 

Pair it with the Red Bellas Body Lotion and you will be able to carry that carefree and energetic feeling throughout your day.

Scent Notes:
Top notes: Red Apple, Orange
Mid notes: Rose, Raspberry
Base notes: Vanilla

450gm, approx 80hr burn time.