Artistic Collection - Point Weyland

Ever walked into a holiday house, light and airy, full of tasteful décor in chic beachy tones, and felt your shoulders suddenly drop the weight of the world? With breathtaking views of rolling waves and endless cliff faces, you’re inspired to start breathing deeper, finding space in your previously crowded mind, and suddenly feeling floaty, full of gratitude, relaxed, and all those other #clichés you’ll find on an influencers Instagram feed.

If that feeling could be bottled and turned into scent, it would be an EcoWud Driftwood candle - to be enjoyed with your feet up, a chilled wine in hand and sun warming the skin. Complemented perfectly by an Ella Boylan Art original – Point Weyland - this musky hand-poured candle is all about celebrating the beauty of coastal Eyre Peninsula, and capturing how we feel appreciating the landscape in all its glory, shining under a sun creeping through candied skies.


Top: Mandarin, Tangerine

Middle: Cedarwood, Musk

Base: Vanilla, Patchouli

450gm, approx 80hr burn time.