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Artistic Collection - Leah the Bright



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The Artistic Collection brings you gorgeous works of Art from across the wonderful state of South Australia. 

This gorgeous bright, colourful and uplifting piece was created by Leah Grant  


Leah the Bright is scented by a equally bright , bubbly and uplifting combination of fruits and florals are blended beautifully to create this black currant base fragrance


Leah Grant is a visual artist and educator based in Adelaide. Her work is bright, colourful and uplifting. She explores the textures and colours of various mediums, focusing most recently with photography, ink, acrylic and aerosol. 

Her approach is energetic yet emanates a peaceful, reflective mood. Drawing on her own life experiences, relationships and emotions. Leah produces work that is intended to challenge others. 

Find her on Instagram at @leah.grant or

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